Advantages of Owning a Franchise

Advantages of Owning a Franchise

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You could start a business of your own without involving anyone other than your advisers — an accountant, a solicitor and a banker. But many people who want to be their own boss would prefer to do so within the comfort zone of a tried and tested business model like Davidovich NYC Bagel Franchise. They don’t want to make a painful journey around the learning curve reinventing the wheel.

In franchising, someone has already done the work establishing the business, and has ironed out the wrinkles. The franchisor is now prepared to share that expertise with franchisees for a financial consideration. Basically, a franchise is a conveyor belt to faster business ownership and success.

And although like anything else in life there are pros and cons involved, the benefits of franchising outweigh the disadvantages. Obviously no business alliance should be entered into without diligent evaluation, but subject to satisfaction at the end of that process, franchising has advantages that suit ambitious individuals.

The Benefits

*The business has already been proven to work. The franchisor and the network of busily trading franchisees are testimony to that.

*You are fully trained in all aspects of the business, and sometimes your business partner and/or key staff receive training too.

*The brand is established. People recognize it. It’s embedded.

*There is an operating system that can be learned and then implemented, either to the letter or with a degree of flexibility.

*The franchisor helps to find a good location that will deliver traffic if that’s what is needed (e.g. for retail or food outlets) or that will be cost efficient if visibility is not paramount (e.g. for cleaning or  home improvement businesses).

*Marketing tools and ad campaigns are provided both nationally for the brand and locally for individual branches. The majority of franchisors also help franchisees make a major local impact with a publicized launch of the business

.*Franchisees receive ongoing support from good franchisors, delivered via phone, a company intranet, newsletters, regular visits by a representative from the corporate office, regional meetings and annual conventions.

*Centralized purchasing is a feature of many franchises where the franchisee benefits from discounted pricing on goods for a retail store or ingredients for a restaurant and other supplies.

There are many different types of franchise opportunities available, with various investment commitment levels that can range from minimal to more substantial. For those not ready to leave their ‘day jobs’, there are plenty of offerings that require only a part-time commitment that grows gradually. Ambitious entrepreneurs, who want to totally commit themselves to owning a business, have a vast range of choices.

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